How to create an A5 poster in Canva

Today I’m walking through a question from one of my clients – how to create an A5 flyer in Canva that she can send to the printer.

A5 is not listed as a normal size for images in Canva, but you can use the custom dimensions to create an image in the right size.

Watch the video here to see step by step how it’s done.

So what happens if you have already created your design in Canva and now want to change the size?
Unfortunately in the free version of Canva – this is not possible – you will need to create a new document and re-create your design.

However if you have Canva for Work – or even sign up for the free trial for Canva for Work – then you can use the magic resize or custome dimensions to resize your image.

I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have a question that you would like me to answer – send me an email through the contact form with all the details.