You want to grow your wellness business and reach the clients that really need your help.

You know that the online world of websites and social media, email marketing etc is important but where do you even start?

So you need a guide who understands your business and the wellness industry and also has the knowledge and experience in the tech world and can help to guide and and support you.

We can work together in a number of ways


Website Design

Your website is a window to your business - it could be the first impression potential clients have of your business, so we need to show it off! It should be professional but welcoming, and it needs to be simple to use so your clients can easily access what they need. From DIY to full custom design, our website design & build services will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Website Audit

Your website’s up and running, you’ve received some enquiries - but is it doing the best it can do to attract clients?

Are your marketing plans getting traffic to your website? Are people actually clicking on those links in your newsletter?

With this simple audit, you’ll have a clearer picture and a new plan to move forward.



Are you in need of some technology guidance but can’t wrap your head around the tech jargon?

Our training services will simply explain everything you need to know, available online or in person.

Website Care Plans

Websites are no longer a set-it and forget-it brochure for your business. Do you have the latest updates, backups, and security available?

Our affordable website care plans are specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring you don’t lose out on business.