I'm Stacey

I help wellbeing professionals de-mystify technology so they can grow an online business they really love.
Whether you’re an acupuncturist, nutritionist, health coach, massage therapist, you name it - I can help digitally craft your business, so you can help more people.

I’ve always just ‘got’ computers. Ever since we got our first home computer when I was a teenager, technology seemed to instantly click with me. When the time came to choose a career path after high school, I ended up falling into studying Business & Information Technology at university.

My degree landed me my first job out of university, working as a software trainer - which I loved! Windows was being rolled out across business and I was teaching people everything they needed to know about Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (yes, I’m starting to show my age now!). I moved on from this into working within a corporate environment in email systems administration. After a few years I needed a change - unsure of where to turn, I decided to switch countries as well as jobs! I moved from Sydney to London, and started working in the city.

Things were good - I made friends, travelled in the UK, Europe and all over the world, but I wasn’t enjoying my work. I felt unsatisfied - it became apparent that it wasn’t feeding my soul. My body started to send me a clear signal with some health issues that things needed to change.

So change I did.

I left my career in the city and studied for three years to become an Acupuncturist. It felt amazing to learn a whole new way of looking at the body and the world around us - I truly loved being able to help people in a natural and holistic way.


But soon I realised that there are very few paid jobs available for an Acupuncturist, so I set out to start my own business - I stepped straight into the learning curve of everything that entails.

One of the first and most important things I needed to focus on was marketing - being able to tell people I was here and ready to help.

With my background in IT (and my not-so-secret inner geekiness) I recognised the need for a website so that people could find me online (the Yellow Pages wasn't going to cut it!). It felt like a good idea to learn these skills for myself. With some training courses, lots of reading and many late nights working on code - my website was launched.

The phone didn’t start ringing straight away (not by a long shot), so I went out and met people locally instead. I went back to the books and online research, reading everything I could about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I fed my new knowledge back into my website, enhancing what I had already done and optimising it for Google so I could be found instantly.


Now the phone really started to ring - people could find me easily, and my practice steadily grew until it was thriving.

I had friends and colleagues that saw what I had achieved - they started asking for help with their own businesses.

From acupuncture to hypnotherapy, nutrition to counselling, I enhanced my skills and helped others to achieve what I did - Swish IT was born.

So now, alongside my successful acupuncture practice, I help aspiring people with their strategy, marketing, websites, and social media, so that they too can grow their businesses and do what they love!

Want to know more about how I can help support you?

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