Stacey demonstrates extremely high standards of detail, understanding, clarity, feedback, and incredible processes that had the whole process be the least painful I have ever experienced with a provider.

Both I and my business partner have very high standards and Stacey went way beyond anything either of us have experienced in our 15 years of being in business.

Stacey is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, excellent, organised and always delivers what she says she will when she says she will, and then does even better than that!

- Sue Belton, Co-Founder, EQ Leadership Formula

Building my new website felt like teamwork. Stacey transformed what was a daunting prospect into a fun and exciting project. I am really happy with the end product, a beautiful website that has enough information and is clear and concise and is getting lots of hits, thanks to the SEO work Stacey has done behind the scenes. I really value the on-going support from Stacey as there are always changes and little tweaks that need doing as my business develops. As well as a folder with fonts etc, Stacey/Swish IT provides a clear document outlining how to make changes and if there is anything that is beyond my capability, I can always book in for an online session with Stacey.

- Laura, Moving Qi, London

I first heard about Stacey through a friend of mine who recommended her. The best part of working with Stacey was feeling 100% confident in her work. It was very obvious that she was very good at her job. She has a quick mind and was very skilled at helping me to be clear about what I wanted for my website. It was great to see the end product-a website I am extremely happy with.

- Madelene, Kent

Love that Stacey is detail orientated, can see how things flow, challenges and aims for the best from all her projects and clients. She has great vision and can flow with an idea from inception to implementation. She is great to work with and has great ideas, truly a pleasure to work with.

- Cheryl-lya Broadfoot, Wellbeing Showcase

Stacey went above and beyond in helping me design and launch my website.  I am particularly impressed with her knowledge of different applications and finding ways to achieve results economically.  My website reaches people in areas I've never thought about every week.  I couldn't have done this without Stacey.

- Chan, Chan's Healing Foods

Thanks so much for all your work on this Stacey, It is a truly wonderful website with all the additional elements that I hoped for. Your professionalism and thoroughness has been exceptional.

I’m feeling very excited to be putting such a great website out into the world.

- Matthew Ackroyd - Acupuncture Treatment London

I have worked with Stacey for a number of years and due to her clear and interactive teaching style, I have learnt so much about running my website. I have felt empowered in this area, which is not my natural forte.  I have recommended Stacey to many colleagues wholeheartedly and will continue to do so! She is so clear and helps me trouble shoot when I have issues. It means that I am a lot more self-sufficient in running my website now. Whether you want to learn more about this area for your business, or would like it done for you, don't hesitate to contact Stacey.

- Zeenat Ahmed-Peto, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Stacey always takes time to understand my problem &, when doing my website she set up a structure so that I had time & space to think about what I wanted which really helped both of us moving forward.

If I have a problem it's usually because I want to do something different (or I don't do it very often) & what I love is that Stacey explains how to do it in a really simple way & she often records a video so I can go back to it later.

- Lesley Pyne - Blogger & author of Finding Joy beyond Childlessness. LesleyPyne.co.uk

I recently set up my own consultancy and didn't know where to start in terms of a website and email set up. Stacey was brilliant at guiding me through the process, understanding my needs and then quickly creating and delivering the perfect result. 16 months on, I still receive positive comments about my website. Stacey quickly understood the brief and just got on and delivered a perfect result. Easy to deal with, managed all technical issues, domain names and licenses and continues to offer great advice and ongoing support. I highly recommend Swish IT to anyone looking to refresh, renew or create a new website to market their services.

- Guy Cheston  www.guychestonconsulting.com

Stacey makes everything seem so simple, her extensive IT knowledge means that she just gets it all done whilst you’re talking about it. She took the stress out of building and maintaining my website so I could get on with the work I love, being an Acupuncturist. So refreshing!

- Amelia from The Stepping Stones Project

Working with Stacey on many projects over the last 3 years has been fantastic. Nothing is out of her realm of expertise and she is great at problem solving. If we ask for something she always has the answer and work gets done fast and efficiently. She makes everything easy and does the legwork for me. She understand the projects we want to do and needs minimum direction from my team. Stacey has saved us hours of wasted time in data transfer through her understanding of how things could be done better (more than the company who were in charge of the transfer). We couldn't ask for more.

- Dr Sarah Davies / My Functional Apothecary

Stacey was so brilliant to work with, she totally got me and my project and I felt like I was working with a mentor not just an IT designer. She was always really quick to respond to me queries and emails and that made for a great and productive partnership. She’s my go to for anything tech or web design related and I'm so pleased with the work we’ve done together.

- Amy, Clear Nutrition